Acquisition Aircraft

A major factor to the success of a lidar mapping project is a high acquisition capacity. Large volumes of data can be collected quickly, which in turn enables that data to begin being processed faster. The end result is that clients receive their data faster, enabling them to start using it sooner.

To optimize collection efficiency for project areas of a few square miles to as large as thousands of square miles, the Merrick-Surdex Joint Venture maintains a large number of aircraft of differing capabilities. Smaller single-engine aircraft area ideally suited for smaller collection, providing high cost-efficiency, while larger twin-turbine aircraft are ideal for large area collection. Helicopters too are available for projects requiring low flights with high point density.

In brief, having a large number of aircraft with a broad range of capability gives our clients the best options for collection — and time and cost efficiency.

Make/ModelNumber of AircraftCeiling
Cessna Conquest 441435,000’
Cessna 340/335126,800′
Cessna 206F/H426,300’
Cessna 414130,200’
Cessna 402224,000’
Various Leased Helicopters316,000’