The GPSC IV is the Merrick-Surdex Joint Venture’s second USGS 3DEP contract. The following are sample projects from diverse areas. The table is followed by several downloadable PDFs of projects.

Oct 2021San Bernardino Lidar Processing2826QL1-QL2USGS Earth MRI, GMEG Science Center & 3DEP
Sept 2021AK Nushagak IFSAR Processing5030HydroEHD hydro from IFSAR
Aug 2021AZ Yavapai G2 Lidar5098QL1G2, forest biomass
Aug 2021AK Delta Junction Lidar Processing1261QL2NRCS & 3DEP
Jan 2021Nebraska Cherry/Brown Lidar Acquisition3184QL2USGS 3DEP
Oct 2020Nebraska Lidar Southwest12597QL2USGS 3DEP
July 2020NW Arizona Lidar Acquisition816QL1G2, forest biomass
June 2020Arizona Lidar Acquisition5032QL1G2, forest biomass
May 2020Western Colorado Lidar8104QL2FEMA, NRCS, USGS 3DEP
May 2020Eastern Colorado Lidar4940QL2FEMA, NRCS, USGS 3DEP
Mar 2020Nebraska Lidar NE4472QL2USGS 3DEP

Click to download case studies of some of our projects: