Aerial Imagery Sensors / UAS Systems

To provide supplemental imagery collection, the Merrick-Surdex Joint Venture maintains a large collection of aerial imagery sensors with varied collection capabilities. This enables us to use “the right tool for the job” for each project we fly.

Some of our imagery sensors are built to work in conjunction with lidar sensors, providing for simultaneous collection of imagery and lidar data. The Phase One sensor, for example, can be configured with the Optech lidar sensor.

For many projects this offers improved schedules as well as cost efficiencies.

Sensor Make/ModelNumber of Sensors
Intergraph DMC4
Leica ADS1005
Phase One iXU-RS-10002
PhaseOne iXM-RS150F1
Leica RCD305
DJI Phantom 4 Pro2
DJI Inspire 22
Trimble TAC 802
Trimble TAC 601
20MP CMOS Camera (operating as a digital frame camera)5
Sony Alpha Camera (operating as a digital frame camera)1